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The New Biojack USA!


Hello, Nils Smith here! We’ve been making big changes!
Little Mule Equipment is now Biojack USA.

We are now exclusively selling the Biojack line of tree processing equipment. I’m excited
to welcome you to view and learn more about the whole line of Biojack Equipment, here on our new website,!

Why Biojack?

Biojack offers a fully functioning tree handling tool that is affordable, and will work on smaller excavators.

Biojack’s unique design allows this equipment to be more versatile than other tree shears. Biojack units can efficiently do:

  • GRAPPLE WORK: Load a truck or feed chipper efficiently
  • SHEAR/ SAW WORK: Harvest trees and cut them to length once on the ground
  • DELIMB TREES: Several different options
  • ACCUMULATE: Cut trees into bunches with the accumulator
  • GROUND HANDLING: Organize and pile debris on the ground

More of a visual person? Check out some videos from our channel!

Biojack Saw Shear Combi. Processing  16" tree beginning to end.

Also check out this explainer video from the main Biojack (Finland) channel:

Why Biojack?

Wide Variety of sizes

Biojack also offers a wide range of sizes for carriers, from 2 tons to 30 tons.

  • Tree Shear Cutting capacity from 4.5″ to 17.75″
  • Grapple Saws cutting capacity from 16″ to 26″

Biojack offers a Variety of mounting and rotator options for Loader, Excavator, and Crane carriers.

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Biojack USA Owner Nils Smith comparing rotators on YouTube