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"Better Living Through Hydraulics"

I started saying that about 20 years ago when I bought my first backhoe. I was operating a building company with about 10 employees at the time. Wherever I could use the backhoe to replace manual work, things just went better.

Nowadays, I have an excavation, land clearing, and trail building business with no employees. My machine has evolved from a back-hoe to a 10-ton double-boom excavator with a tiltrotator.

One attachment I always wanted was a tree shear—something that would make it possible for me to stay in the cab instead of using a chainsaw.

The first tree shear I tried was from competitor TMK, and I quickly recognized the market for tree shears in the USA and became a dealer.

In those 5 years as a TMK dealer, I tested and learned about TMK’s products. However, I eventually realized that a better option was on the market: Biojack.

The key advantage of Biojack shears is their retractable knife, which converts the shear into a very efficient log grapple when not cutting. TMK shears don’t offer this versatility. Plus, Biojack has the option of adding a saw to handle larger and denser species.

I made the pivot to become a dealer for Biojack instead of TMK because I believe Biojack is a better attachment for my needs and the needs of the North American Market.

Ultimately, my goal at Biojack USA is to help my customers get more out of their excavators, allowing for safer, happier, and more efficient work— to "work smarter, not harder".

Nils Smith, Owner
Nils Smith, Owner
Doing REAL work, where it's REAL cold.
Doing REAL work, where it's REAL cold.
Installation and Troubleshooting

“With you every step of the way”

When you purchase a product from Biojack USA, you not only get a great innovative product but also the continuing support of our installation and troubleshooting team. We have experience installing and troubleshooting Tiltrotators and Tree Shears all over the country. We provide in-person, phone and video-chat support to help you get your product running perfectly.


Biojack USA Owner Nils Smith comparing rotators on YouTube