Say goodbye to back-breaking tree work

Say goodbye to back-breaking tree work

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The Biojack 400 Saw / Shear Combo Grapple in action

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Safe and efficient tree work From the seat of your cab

Biojack is the best tree-clearing attachment for North American applications.

Our revolutionary gear empowers you to cut and handle trees effectively and efficiently.

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For the demands of North America

With over 40 years experience of tree work in Vermont, we’re not just Biojack’s official U.S. Distributor; we design, test and fabricate in-house improvements that optimize Biojack attachments for North American applications.

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“My goal at Biojack USA is to help you ‘work smarter not harder’ I strive to offer you innovative equipment and support to make your business and life better. “
– Nils Smith, Owner

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Biojack products are the perfect solution for:

Tree service work

Land clearing

Fuel reduction and fire prevention work

Post storm clean up

Road, utility, and field maintenance work

Small forestry work

Recreation trail building and maintenance

And more

Frequently Asked Questions

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We have game-changing excavator-mounted tree shears for forestry, roadside, and utility line cleanup.

Before other shears have finished making their first cut, the Biojack Tree Shear has moved on to the next tree. An effective cutting mechanism allows the Biojack tree shear to employ a smaller cutting cylinder, allowing for faster cutting cycle time and a lighter tree shear.

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