A game-changing excavator-mounted tree shear for forestry, roadside, and utility line cleanup.

Before other shears have finished making their first cut, the Biojack Tree Shear has moved on to the next tree. An effective cutting mechanism allows the Biojack tree shear to employ a smaller cutting cylinder, allowing for faster cutting cycle time and a lighter tree shear.

Biojack tree shear combi saw with 90 tilt and heel tool.

Designed for Use on an Excavator

An excavator-mounted shear can reach out, up, down, cut a tree or limb, bring it back, and place it for the next sequence of work, all without moving the work platform. Access trees on slopes, reach over fences, landscaped spaces or other obstacles that would prevent access. This approach is more time efficient, minimizes site impact, and reduces fuel consumption.

Cut Size
Cut Size
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Fast Cutting Cycles

An effective cutting mechanism allows the Biojack tree shear to employ a smaller cutting cylinder, allowing for a faster cutting cycle time and a lighter tree shear. This improves tree-cutting efficiency and makes it possible to use the Biojack Tree Shear on smaller excavators.

The key to this effective tool is a grapple that pulls the tree across a thin hardened blade. The angle of the blade allows the excavator to apply force to the cutting process.

Hold Time

The Biojack Tree Shear holds the cut limb or tree so the operator can safely place it in the desired location on the ground or in a vehicle. It can do this in two ways – the grapple or the collector can hold material. This is a major safety and time efficiency benefit other shears lack.

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Why Biojack?

Proven Design

For years Finland has been a world leader in the development of forestry equipment. We've worked with manufacturers like Biojack in Finland with excavators and tree shears for years. This proven and tested design is the result of many years of trial and error.

Light but Durable Construction

Biojack equipment is constructed using premium-grade materials like Weldox 700 and Hardox 500, ensuring exceptional strength and durability without compromising on quality. Developed in collaboration with users and manufactured in Finland, Biojack Oy/Ltd continually enhances its products to meet the evolving requirements of its customers and market.

Safety Benefits

The Biojack Tree Shear’s ability to grip and hold material offers safety benefits. An excavator can reach up to a high limb and remove it safely, or has the option to cut a larger tree down in pieces instead of cutting the entire tree all at once, again offering a safer, lower impact approach than a skid steer or chain saw.


Road and Utility Cleanup


With the Biojack Shear collector and grapple grip system, you can safely reach dangerous limbs, cut them, and safely bring them down to the ground. For larger trees, you can cut them down in pieces, reaching up and removing the top half safely. With the top half gone, you can more safely cut the bottom half with a chain saw.



The Biojack Tree Shear on an excavator offers a great tool for laying out a vegetation mat for logging access. With the shear you can collect all available material 20 to 30 feet from each side of the trail, cut, and lay it down. This system minimizes impact and can make logging in areas possible at times that would otherwise not be accessible.